Friday, 6 January 2012

Performing Monstrosity in the City

Call for papers: Performing Monstrosity in the City

1st September 2012, Queen Mary, University of London

Performing Monstrosity in the City is a one-day cross-disciplinary symposium that aims to re-evaluate the multiple ways in which the monstrous manifests itself within the context of an increasingly globalised, postmodern urban landscape.
In a consumerist, highly-pressurised society that pushes many individuals to the limit of endurance and moral boundaries, monstrous images become ever more prevalent, particularly within the contested city space. On the one hand, the portrayal and manipulation of such images reflects the ever present, but shifting, power structures that seek to define and inscribe the body of the “other” as both dangerous and distorted. On the other, it is clear that the twenty-first century has brought with it a growing tendency to re-appropriate and perform the trope of monstrosity in multiple ways.
This symposium invites participants to contribute either by presenting a 20 minute paper or by leading or participating in a round table discussion. We are interested in encouraging a multi-disciplinary questioning of the employment of the monstrous as a mode of performance. Topics for discussion could include, but are not limited to:

·         Defining and problematising the monstrous
·         Monstrosity in theory and practice
·         The monstrous “other”
·         The city as a monstrous locale
·         Monstrous control mechanism versus monstrous rebellion
·         Monstrosity as appropriation
·         Commercialising monstrosity

Please send abstracts (250 words), for consideration by 1st April 2012 to Charlie Allwood ( or Anna Wilson ( (Or please communicate with us if you are interested in being involved in round table discussions). If you have any further queries please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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