Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Slingshot: 2.8 Hours Later

Slingshot is a Bristol-based company run by Simon Evans and Simon Johnson who specialise in ‘street and pervasive games’, and entertainment products that make the most of their urban environments. Close collaborators with igfest (Interesting Games Fest), and the San Francisco Come Out & Play festival, their ‘city-sized’ games involve performance artists to create an immersively emotional experience.

Slingshot is perhaps best known for its Zombie Chase Game 2.8 Hours Later, in reference to Danny Boyle’s zombie horror 28 Days Later, and involved a ‘howling army of zombies’, chasing 250 players across a city abandoned to the zombie hordes. Equipped with a map, players must find their way from survivor to survivor, each of whom has the key to their next location, before finding their way to Resistance HQ; at this point the player is scanned – if they have evaded infection from the raging zombies then they can enter the zombie disco, otherwise the infected player joins the zombie hordes…

Given the excitingly urban experience 2.8 Hours Later promises, Slingshot promises to be involving and visceral addition to our Performing Monstrosity symposium, given their commitment to spreading fear of monsters, making use of throughout the increasingly frightening alienation of the urban environment. More information at

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